General Information

What is Coca-Cola Smart™?

Coca-Cola Smart is Coca-Cola's product ordering and fulfillment website. It is a system that will revamp your entire ordering process and even has the built-in intelligence to generate proposed Freestyle™ orders for you. Try it and discover a taste for its refreshing innovation.

What products can I order using Coca-Cola Smart?

Currently, Customers can order products for the Coca-Cola Freestyle dispenser. FoodService Distributors can order syrup products.

What is the software required to use Coca-Cola Smart?

The site is designed to run on Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0 and 9.0, Firefox 4.0 and Chrome 12.0 with all pop-up blockers disabled.


How do I register for the site?

Click on login/register link. After clicking register, you will be taken through a series of forms to enter your contact information and set up your user login and id. Once you complete the registration forms, Customer Service will set up your account. Once your account is setup, you will receive a confirmation email. Typically the registration process take 2-3 days after submitting the registration forms.

Do I need an email address to register for the site?

Yes, each person who accesses the site needs a unique email address.

What should I put in for store name or account name?

Customers should choose a unique name for your store that identifies which store this is. FoodService Distributors should choose a unique name for each account.

How do I determine my store number or account number?

For Customers, the store number is your internal company's number for your store. For FoodService Distributors, your account number is your Coca-Cola account number.

What if I work at multiple stores or with multiple accounts?

Enter one store or account and complete the registration process. After you have completed the registration process, call customer support to have your other stores added to your profile.

How do I reset my password?

From the Login page, click the link under "Forgot your password or wish to change it?". You will be prompted to answer two of the questions that you answered during the registration process. If these questions are answered correctly, then you will be allowed to enter a new password. If not, you will have to contact Customer Support at the number provided on the screen.

Where do I find Freestyle™ tax exemption forms?

Tax exemption forms for Freestyle are located on the Coca-Cola Smart public home page (cokesmart.com). The forms and instructions for submitting them can be found by clicking on the Support tab and selecting the Forms link.